New Year’s Reso-bullshit

    So my 2014 New Year’s resolution is to start a blog, as quite few of you have asked me to do so (which is very flattering), and it seems like a far more realistic resolution than all the previous laughable life-bettering vows I normally make. The usual “I’m going to sort my life out and become a better person”, or “I’m going to lose 3 stone and join a gym and have the svelte body of a gazelle”, or “I’m going to drink less and concentrate on my studies”, and best of all “I’m 100% going to avoid attractive men who are fundamentally bad people but have great shoulders” never quite seem to happen for me. In reality, all these resolutions are completely preposterous and I soon found out (about half an hour into the new year) that in sticking to these resolutions my life was about as exciting and enjoyable as eating a plain Ryvita washed down with a glass of salty water, i.e not at all.

So in writing a blog I feel I am working towards my so called ‘literary career’ and will feel less bad about not going to the gym on a daily basis, drinking entire pints of wine in one sitting and shamelessly flirting with the barman who looks like Ryan Gosling’s less attractive younger brother. I am working for a better future. Or something like that.

Last but not least, despite the fact that some of you have ‘humorously’ suggested it, I don’t think I’ll be vlogging! A vlog is a massively embarrassing experience for everyone involved and I won’t put myself, or more importantly any of you, through such an ordeal.

I’ll be posting more things in January, until then I am mentally and physically preparing for commencing 2014 falling headfirst down the stairs clutching a bottle of Cava with Abba’s ‘Happy New Year’ shamelessly blaring.